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Mapei New Zealand Ltd (36)
Concrete Plus Ltd (34)
Sika (NZ) Ltd (15)
Markham Global (13)
ARDEX New Zealand Limited (9)
Max Frank Australia PTY Ltd (9)
Cemix Limited  (8)
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd (7)
Jagas Ltd (6)
Mapei (36)
Fosroc (19)
Sika (15)
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Mapei Mapelastic Smart
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (crack-bridging capacity >2mm) for waterproofing
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Expol Thermaslab EPS sheet
Expol Limited
Polystyrene (EPS) sheet.
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Mapei Mapesonic CR
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Thin section soundproofing membrane ceramic, stone, resilient and multi-layered parquet floors
Cupolex Structural dome slab floor system
Cupolex Building Systems
Structural dome slab floor system
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Fosroc Nitomortar 903
Concrete Plus Ltd
Solvent free, general purpose, epoxy binder system.
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Dulux AcraTex 400/4 Tiltwash
Dulux New Zealand
water based cleaning solution for removing form oils & bond-breakers from concrete panels
Cemix Multibond: Concrete Admixture
Cemix Limited
Admixture that improves performance of concrete.
LithoEco Scrub Polished Concrete Cleaner
LESA Systems LTD
LithoEcoScrub is a neutral pH detergent suitable designed for use on Polished Concrete
Hilti anchoring systems
Hilti (New Zealand) Ltd
Mechanical and chemical anchors
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Markham Block Sealing System
Markham Global
2-step system for sealing concrete block walls
Superform ICF Insulated Concrete Formwork.Polystyrene hollow interlocking blocks
Superform Building Systems Ltd
Modules join to form hollow interlocking blocks
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Aquron 1000
Markham Global
Curing, Hardening and Sealing for Concrete
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MAXRaft© 320/400 Expansive Soils / TC2 / Piles
MAXRaft 320/400 is our fully insulated concrete slab for expansive soils or TC2 ground.
ECO-Block Insulated Concrete Form
ECO-Block is a stay in place, Insulating Concrete Forming system (ICF)
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ComFlor 80 composite deck
Steel & Tube
ComFlor 80 offers longer spans, minimised concrete volumes, and construction efficiencies
Christchurch Ready Mix Ready-Mix Concrete
Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Ltd
‘Normal ‘and ‘Special’ grade Concrete
Golden Bay Cement Type HE
Golden Bay Cement
For applications requiring high early strength gain or reduced setting times in concrete.
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Fosroc Concure AV
Concrete Plus Ltd
Evaporative retarders for plastic concrete to reduce shrinkage.
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Fosroc Nitocote SN502
Concrete Plus Ltd
Economical, penetrating hydrophobic silane-siloxane, clear treatment for masonry and concrete.
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ARDEX A 46 - Rapid-Hardening, Rapid-Drying, External Patching Compound
ARDEX New Zealand Limited
Rapid hardening, rapid drying, slump-free mortar for external repairs
C2 Super Hard
GDP Flooring Solutions Limited
Premium lithium concrete sealer hardener, densifier and dustproofer.
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GCP Preprufe 160 / 300
Allnex Construction Products
High-performance,fully adhered, pre-applied waterproofing system for below-grade applications.
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Mapei Carboplate
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Pultruded carbon fibre plate for repairing and strengthening and seismic upgrading of structures
Stevenson Styled Concrete™
Stevenson Group Limited
Available in a range of finishes and offering endless possibilities for creating attractive surfaces
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Mapei Mapecem Quickpatch
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Interior / exterior fast-setting, high-flow concrete patch
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Max Frank Stremaform® formwork elements
Max Frank Australia PTY Ltd
Stay-in-place expanded metal formwork system for slabs and walls.
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Lythic Colloidal Silica
Infrastructure Solutions Ltd
Concrete curing sealing and polishing.
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Firth RibRaft® Floor System
Firth Industries
Slab Specialists Concrete foundations and floors
Slab Specialists
We design and construct concrete slabs and foundations for residential and commercial projects.
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Fosroc Conbextra HS
Concrete Plus Ltd
Ultra high strength, flowable, dual shrinkage compensated precision grout

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