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Mapei New Zealand Ltd (36)
Concrete Plus Ltd (34)
Sika (NZ) Ltd (15)
Markham Global (13)
ARDEX New Zealand Limited (9)
Max Frank Australia PTY Ltd (9)
Cemix Limited  (8)
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd (7)
Jagas Ltd (6)
Mapei (36)
Fosroc (19)
Sika  (15)
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Mapei Mapelastic Smart
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (crack-bridging capacity >2mm) for waterproofing
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Expol Thermaslab EPS sheet
Expol Limited
Polystyrene (EPS) sheet.
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Sika dur 52, Injection resin and primer/coating
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Injection resin and primer/coating
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Sika dur 42 three-component pourable grout based
Sika (NZ) Ltd
three-component pourable grout based
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Equus Traxx Solvent Sealer
Equus Industries Limited
Clearglaze finish sealer for concrete floors.
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Pentra Sil (NL) HD+C
LESA Systems LTD
Water-based, clear, dissipating membrane-forming compound incorporating a lithium densifier
Bradford Precast concrete slabs
Bradford Precast Ltd
Made to measure precast slabs and panels for commerical or residential building requirements.
Cemix Rendacure concrete curing admixture
Cemix Limited
Concrete curing agent
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Jagas Precast Concrete Components
Jagas Ltd
Jagas create precast concrete architectural components to order. Planters, seats, stairs & custom
Ramset fasteners
Ramset New Zealand
Mechanical and chemical anchors
Planet Concrete stamped concrete
Planet Concrete
A decorative system which provides the look of slate and stone surfaces by use of stamps and dyes.
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Allied Concrete Decorative Colour and Exposed Concrete
Allied Concrete Limited
READYcolour concrete range, ideal for internal floors, driveways, patios, paths and pool surrounds
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Mapei MapeWrap C UNI-AX
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
High strength uni-directional carbon fibre fabric with high modulus of elasticity
Hilti anchoring systems
Hilti (New Zealand) Ltd
Mechanical and chemical anchors
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Bostik ASA self levelling
Bostik New Zealand Limited
Polymer modified cementitious underlay, 2mm – 120mm in one application.
Lythic DAY1
Infrastructure Solutions Ltd
Curing and Trowelling aid
Stahlton Engineered Concrete Rib and infill
Stahlton Engineered Concrete
Rib and Infill system for flooring
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Mapei Mapefloor I 900
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two component epoxy binder
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Simpson Strong-Tie Heli-Tie™ Helical Wall Tie
Simpson Strong-Tie
Used to anchor building façades to structural members or to stabilise multiple-skin brick walls.
Fraser Brown and Stratmore Ltd Fibremesh150
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd
A polypropylene micro-fibre product for the use as a reinforcement for concrete.
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Sika dur 41 three component, non-slump mortar
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Three component, non-slump mortar
Superbuild Supercrete Panel Cladding
Superbuild International Limited
Steel reinforced panels to clad timber or steel framed buildings
Surface Solutions resurfacing specialists
Surface Solutions Ltd
Trowel and spray finishes for concrete
Fraser Brown and Stratmore Ltd Novamesh 850
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Ltd
A blend of cold-drawn steel fibre and micro-synthetic fibre. used as reinforcement for concrete.
Slab Specialists Concrete foundations and floors
Slab Specialists
We design and construct concrete slabs and foundations for residential and commercial projects.
Colourcrete Concrete Colouring
Colourcrete NZ
Over 30 Colours of granulated oxide available!
Cemix Acrylbond concrete adhesive
Cemix Limited
Bonding concrete surfaces new and old.
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Jagas Car Park Barriers and Stops
Jagas Ltd
Barriers and stop bars for carparking areas. Custom made to order.
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Mapei Mapecem Quickpatch
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Interior / exterior fast-setting, high-flow concrete patch
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Canzac UltracureNCF
Made for indoor/outdoor usage during 7 day curing periods.holds water - no need for re-wetting slab

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