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Concrete Plus Ltd (37)
Mapei New Zealand Ltd (36)
Sika (NZ) Ltd (15)
Markham Global (13)
ARDEX New Zealand Limited (10)
Max Frank Australia PTY Ltd (9)
Cemix Limited  (8)
Stratmore Construction Solutions  (7)
Jagas Ltd (6)
Mapei (36)
Fosroc (25)
Sika (15)
ARDEX (10)
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Mapei Mapelastic Smart
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two-component, high-flexibility cementitious mortar (crack-bridging capacity >2mm) for waterproofing
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Expol Thermaslab EPS sheet
Expol Limited
Polystyrene (EPS) sheet.
Denka CSA
Demden Ltd
Expansive cement additive used to produce shrinkage compensated concrete.
LithoEco Scrub Polished Concrete Cleaner
LESA Systems LTD
LithoEcoScrub is a neutral pH detergent suitable designed for use on Polished Concrete
BASF DELVOcrete 29 cement admixture
BASF Construction Chemicals Limited
Non-chloride admixture for cement hydration
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Conseal anti dusting concrete floor sealeer
Stratmore Construction Solutions
Solvent-based anti dusting concrete floor sealer
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Avista Concrete Patch Repair Compond 3-40mm
Concrete Plus Ltd
High strength patch repair mortar 3 - 40mm
Robinson Seismic Lead Extrusion Dampers (LED)
Robinson Seismic Ltd
Dampers for seismic isolation and other vibrations
Colourcrete Concrete Colouring
Colourcrete NZ
Over 30 Colours of granulated oxide available!
Fraser Brown & Stratmore Hydrocast waterstop
Stratmore Construction Solutions
PVC waterstop positive seal for concrete expansion
Cemix AEA Cement admixture
Cemix Limited
Admixture for Portland Cement improves workability
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Fosroc Form Release Agent
Concrete Plus Ltd
Economical, general purpose formwork and mould release agent.
LithoEco Clean Polished Concrete Conditioner
LESA Systems LTD
LithoEcoClean LithEcoClean is an anionic surfactant dedicated to concrete marble and stone.
Holcim white cement
Holcim (New Zealand) Ltd
Has aesthetic appeal, superb quality and great strength. A modern high performance material.
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Sika Nitokit TH epoxy for injecting cracks in concrete
Sika (NZ) Ltd
Thixotropic epoxy for injecting cracks in concrete
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Mapei Mapefloor I 900
Mapei New Zealand Ltd
Two component epoxy binder
Surface Solutions resurfacing specialists
Surface Solutions Ltd
Trowel and spray finishes for concrete
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Bostik ASA Asaphonic mat
Bostik New Zealand Limited
Acoustic mat for under tiles/ flooring
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Canzac Speed Plate
Speed Plate dowel construction joint.
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Max Frank Zemdrain® Controlled permeability formwork liners
Max Frank Australia PTY Ltd
CPF use significantly improves the quality and design life of all concretre elements.
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Vandex BB75E-Z
Concrete Plus Ltd
High performance, crack accommodating cement based render, waterproofing barrier
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Aquron 300
Markham Global
Waterproofing additive for concrete
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Fosroc Conbextra UW
Concrete Plus Ltd
Formulated anti-wash out specialist grout for underwater grouting applications.
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Bostik Fireban One - one part fire rated polyurethane sealant
Bostik New Zealand Limited
Fire rated, single component, low modulus polyurethane sealant curing via air humidity.
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Gilt Edge Industries Ltd
Permanent Concrete Cure, Moisture Control and Protection.
Christchurch Ready Mix Ready-Mix Concrete
Christchurch Ready Mix Concrete Ltd
‘Normal ‘and ‘Special’ grade Concrete
Slab Specialists Concrete foundations and floors
Slab Specialists
We design and construct concrete slabs and foundations for residential and commercial projects.
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Fosroc Nitocote SN502
Concrete Plus Ltd
Economical, penetrating hydrophobic silane-siloxane, clear treatment for masonry and concrete.
Three Dee Construction Insulated concrete structure walls, floors and roof
Three Dee Construction Limited
Insulated concrete
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Fosroc Concure WB30
Concrete Plus Ltd
Water based wax emulsion, curing compound - conforms to AS3799.

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