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High-performance,fully adhered, pre-applied waterproofing system for below-grade applications.
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Product Description

Preprufe® utilizes GCP's Advanced Bond Technology to create a continuous, integral and permanent adhesive bond to concrete. Leaks from groundwater, storm water runoff or irrigation water may impact the foundation of any building that's improperly waterproofed — and when concrete is involved, there any number of ways that water can travel into and around a structure. Water can come up through the seams of a poorly designed or improperly installed waterproofing membrane Job site conditions such as dust can spoil the adhesion of a membrane to concrete and prevent a system from performing as designed Imperfections, voids and cracks in concrete can create a pathway for water to migrate in and around a structure. To manage the risks outlined above and meet the challenges of below-grade construction, a robust, high-performing and easily installed waterproofing system is required.

Over 62 million square meters installed globally over the last 25+ years with zero projects tracking water.



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